WINIR is governed by its Constitution that specifies that the WINIR Council, consisting of a President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer and four other elected members (Art 6.3), is "responsible for the general welfare of the Network, its finances, the processing of membership applications, the maintenance of the membership lists, and the production and auditing of accounts" (Art 6.1). Furthermore, "the membership of the Network oversees and monitors its activities and organization, and may express its view by majority vote at a quorate Membership Meeting and by recorded ballots of the membership as a whole" (Art. 5.1).

In February 2016 the following were elected to the second WINIR Council which was inaugurated on 1 March 2016:

Katharina Pistor
(Columbia Law School, USA), President

Geoffrey Hodgson (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Secretary

Francesca Gagliardi (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Treasurer

David Gindis (University of Hertfordshire, UK), Publicity Officer

Bas van Bavel (Utrecht University, Netherlands)

Klaus Nielsen (Birkbeck College, University of London, UK)

Massimiliano Vatiero (Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland)


Donald C. David (Chinese University of Hong Kong, China)

WINIR is grateful to Ana Célia Castro (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Kainan Huang (Shandong University, China) and Ugo Pagano (University of Siena, Italy & Central European University, Budapest, Hungary) for their invaluable contributions to the Inaugural WINIR Council. WINIR also thanks Marie-Laure Djelic (ESSEC Business School, France) for her involvement in the second Council.

The Council meeting in Rio (see here) appointed Vinny Logan as the WINIR Events Manager.

More information about the activities of the WINIR Council can be found here.