Please note that minor changes may be made to the following preliminary programme.
Updated 31 August.

19 PhD students from 7 countries expected.

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Tuesday 12 September

09:30-10:00   Registration
10:00-10:15   Welcome
10:15-12:00   Lectures, workshops & consultations
12:00-13:00   Lunch
13:00-16:30   Lectures, workshops & consultations
16:30-20:30   Canoe + dinner

Wednesday 13 September

09:30-12:00   Lectures, workshops & consultations
12:00-13:00   Lunch
03:00-16:30   Lectures, workshops & consultations
08:00-21:00   Dinner

Thursday 14 September

09:00-12:00   Lectures, workshops & consultations
12:00-13:00   Lunch

PhD student participants

Altay, Bora (Yildirim Beyazit University, Turkey), "Coordination, commitment and contract enforceability in the Ottoman Empire: the case of tax-farming and life-time tax-farming contracts with game theoretic assessment"

Artemenko, Lyubov (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), "Ukraine’s economic transformation toward innovation-driven economic development: institutional challenges"

Broekman, Christiaan (Tilburg university, Netherlands), "Regional institutions and economic development"

Cabero Tapia, Patricia (Technical University of Berlin, Germany), "Institutional entrepreneurs: effectuation logics, ego-networks and promoters: evidence from civil initiatives fostering the diffusion of information technologies in Bolivia"

Dalla Chiesa, Carolina (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands), "Building trust and values in crowdfunding circuits"

Dickinson, Melissa (Cardiff University, UK), "Urban economic development and the role of institutions, entrepreneurial capital and social-network capital"

Fritz, Roland (University of Siegen, Germany), "Can institutions become obsolete? Ludwig Lachmann’s concept of the 'neutral institution' revisited"

Galeano Galvan, Maria (Delft University of Technology, Netherlands), "Crowd-based innovation: governing transition of responsibilities"

Harwick, Cameron (George Mason University, USA), "Credible commitments and critical junctures: the feudal sources of Western liberalism"

Karanovic, Jovana (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), "What can Uber drivers tell us about what’s coming next? From framing contests to formation of alternative organizational forms in the on-demand economy”

Kas, Judith (Utrecht University, Netherlands), "The origins of trust in the sharing economy"

Mitropoulos, Stamatis (University of Hertfordshire, UK), "Institutional complementarities in the creation and sustainability of UK and French cooperatives: a comparative analysis"

Punt, Matthijs (Utrecht University, Nethelrands), "The genealogy of novelty: an evolutionary explanation of breakthrough inventions in science, technology, and the arts"

Rauscher, Natalie (Heidelberg University, Germany), "The changing discourse on social inequality in the United States under the influence of the 'sharing economy' and digitization"

Remic, Blaz (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands), "Toward an institutional theory of intrinsic motivation"

Tziva, Maria (Utrecht University, Netherlands), "Transitions towards the deep decarbonization of the european agri-food sector"

van Waes, Arnoud (Utrecht University, Netherlands), "Beyond experimentation"

Vriens, Eva (Utrecht University, Netherlands), "A multidisciplinary approach to understand successful collective action: the case of Dutch mutuals"

Wardrop, Robert (University of Cambridge, UK), "From bank financing to alternative finance: trust and the adoption of new lending practices snce the 2008 financial crisis"