Justin Yifu Lin is the Director of the Institute of New Structural Economics and Honorary Dean of the National School of Development at Peking University (China). His research deals agricultural economics, development economics and economic reforms in China. He is the author of Demystifying the Chinese Economy (Cambridge University Press, 2012), The Quest for Prosperity: How Developing Economies Can Take Off (Princeton University Press, 2012), New Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development Policy (World Bank, 2012), and Beating the Odds: Jump-Starting Developing Countries (with Célestin Monga, Princeton University Press, 2017). He is a former Chief Economist and Senior Vice President of the World Bank. In 2012 Professor Lin was awarded the Pushan Prize by the International Economic Association.

Chenggang Xu is Professor of Economics at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (China). His research focuses on institutional and organizational economics, law and finance, financial regulation, economic development and transition, and the Chinese economy. He is the author of A Different Transition Path: Ownership, Performance, and Influence of Chinese Rural (Garland, 1995) and China’s Institution: Its Origin, Evolution and Comparison (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming). He is a board member of the Ronald Coase Institute and a past president of the Asian Law and Economics Association. He has also served as consultant for the World Bank and the IMF. In 2016 Professor Xu was a co-recipient of the China Economics Prize.