Call for papers and sessions coming soon

This conference was initially planned for 10-13 September 2020

Understanding when institutions change, how institutional innovations are propagated and how institutional evolution occurs, are key theoretical and empirical questions that have long shaped institutional research in economics, sociology, politics, history, geography and other disciplines.

In today's context of major challenges and transformations, these questions are arguably more pressing than ever. Ours is an era in which digital and other new technologies are recasting economic and political institutions, and social media are transforming personal relationships, reconfiguring civil society and altering the functioning of democracies. As the climate emergency furthermore threatens social stability and human survival, the global balance of power is also shifting, posing challenges to existing institutions set up to maintain world order. 

Organised in collaboration with the University of Catania, the Eighth WINIR Conference will explore these and related issues, and use the opportunity to enhance our theoretical understanding of how institutions evolve. The event will take at the late Baroque Monastero dei Benedettini, which currently houses the university's Department of Humanities.

The conference will open on the afternoon of Wednesday 20 September and end with a dinner on Saturday 23 September.

Keynotes lectures will be given by:

Eric Beinhocker (University of Oxford, UK)
David Sloan Wilson (Binghamton University, USA)
Geoffrey M. Hodgson (Loughborough University London, UK)

Individual paper proposals and 3- or 4-paper sessions proposals related to the conference theme or any aspect of institutional research, in line with WINIR’s aims and research priorities, are welcome. All submissions are evaluated by the WINIR Scientific Quality Committee.

Organising committee:
Maurizio Caserta (, Francesca Gagliardi (, David Gindis (, Maria Olivella Rizza (, Paolo Silverstri (, Salvatore Spagano (, Massimiliano Vatiero (

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