WINIR Conferences are relatively large events, with a planned attendance of around 200, funded and organised by WINIR. Accepted papers can relate to the main conference theme or any other aspect of institutional research, in line with WINIR's aims and research priorities.

Seventh WINIR Conference to be held in Catania (Italy) on 10-13 September 2020.

Conference theme: "Institutional Innovation and Evolution: Challenges to the Modern World Order"

Sixth WINIR Conference held in Lund (Sweden) on from Thursday 19 to Saturday 22 September 2019.

Conference theme: "Institutions for Inclusive Societies: Global and Comparative Perspectives".

162 delegates from 37 countries.

Fifth WINIR Conference held in Hong Kong (China) on Friday 14 to Saturday 15 September 2018.

Conference theme: "Institutions and the Future of Global Capitalism".

91 delegetes from 24 countries.

Fourth WINIR Conference held in Utrecht (Netherlands) from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 September 2017.

Conference theme: "Institutions and Open Societies".

201 delegates from 36 countries.

Third WINIR Conference held at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston (USA) from Friday 2 to Monday 5 September 2016.

Conference theme: "Institutions and Human Behaviour".

206 delegates from 45 countries.

Second WINIR Conference held at Hotel Windsor Atlantica, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 September 2015.

Conference theme: "Institutions, Development and Globalization".

203 delegates from 38 countries.

First WINIR Conference held at the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London (UK), from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 September 2014.

Conference theme: "Institutions that Change the World".

187 delegates from 37 countries.