Lund before Lund – a short journey back to the Viking Age
22 September, 09:45-13:00

Join us on a half-day excursion to Uppåkra, in the south of Lund, where the richest and largest Iron Age town in Scandinavia has been discovered in recent years. Uppåkra is held to be the direct predecessor of the city of Lund, where people and power relocated during around the time when Scania was Christianised and the Kingdom of Denmark was formed. We will visit the archaeological site and the small exhibition, listen to story-telling and study reconstructions, and then return to the Historical Museum in Lund where some of the most spectacular finds are on display.

Our private guide will be Dr Niklas Hillbom, classical archaeologist and guide from the Department of Archaeology.

09:45   Meeting at the entrance of Elite Hotel Ideon
10:00   Bus leaves Elite hotel Ideon

First stop: Uppåkra archeologic centre
Second stop: The Historical Museum

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Price: 250 SEK

To register please contact kristin.fransson@ekh.lu.se