WINIR sponsors the Journal of Institutional Economics (JOIE), a journal devoted to the study of the nature, role and evolution of institutions and organisations in the economy.

JOIE is an interdisciplinary journal that will be of particular interest to all academics working across the social sciences and the humanities. Although its primary focus is economics and business studies, contributions focusing on institutions from anthropology, ethnology, history, human geography, law, linguistics, management, philosophy, politics, psychology and sociology are welcome.

JOIE accepts contributions by all schools of thought that can contribute to our understanding of the features, development and functions of real world economic institutions and organisations.

JOIE has accepted or published essays by leading authors in the field of institutional research, including: Richard Adelstein, Douglas W. Allen, Bruno Amable, Cristiano Antonelli, Masahiko Aoki, Bas van Bavel, Peter J. Boettke, Daniel W. Bromley, Mark C. Casson, John B. Davis, Simon Deakin, Giovanni Dosi, Robin Dunbar, Thráinn Eggertsson, Teppo Felin, Alexander J. Field, Nicolai J. Foss, Avner Greif, Werner Güth, Geoffrey M. Hodgson, Richard N. Langlois, Peter T. Leeson, Brian J. Loasby, Deirdre McCloskey, Steven G. Medema, Claude Ménard, Thomas Miceli, Philip Mirowski, Joel Mokyr, Ugo Pagano, Elinor Ostrom, Francesco Parisi, Richard A. Posner, David Reisman, James A. Robinson, Vernon W. Ruttan, John R. Searle, Mark Setterfield, Mathias Siems, Viktor Vanberg, Mary Shirley, Sidney G. Winter, Oliver E. Williamson and Ulrich Witt.

“The Journal of Institutional Economics is bringing together the best scholarship from all over the world on the study of institutions, the incentives they generate, and likely outcomes. I enthusiastically look forward to each issue.”

Elinor Ostrom (1933-2012)
Nobel Laureate in Economics, 2009

JOIE is published by Cambridge University Press for Millennium Economics Ltd. Since its first issue, published in June 2005, JOIE has gained in visibility and prominence. In 2012 the journal was listed in the Thomson-Reuters Social Sciences Citation Index®, achieving a high impact factor for a newly-established journal.

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