JOIE has published (or will publish) the following special issues and symposia:

Repugnant Behaviours and Institutions

Tax Behaviour and Institutions

Fiscal State Capacity

Institutional Analysis, Market Processes and Interdisciplinary Social Science
JOIE 18(3), June 2022

Oliver E. Williamson Memorial Issue
JOIE 18(2), April 2022

Institutions and Culture in Economic Contexts
JOIE 18(1), February 2022

Centenary of Frank H. Knight's Risk, Uncertainty, and Profit
JOIE 17(6), December 2021

Conceptualizing the Business Corporation: Insights from History
JOIE 16(5), October 2021

Institutional Analysis and the Gift
JOIE 16(5), October 2021

Special Issue in Honor of Yoram Barzel
JOIE 16(2), April 2020

Kornai 90
JOIE 16(1), January 2020

Empirics of Judicial Institutions
JOIE 15(1), Febuary 2019

Innovation and Institutions From the Bottom Up
JOIE 14(6), December 2018

Adapting Institutions to Climate Change
JOIE 14(3), June 2018

Colonial Institutions and African Development
JOIE 14(2), April 2018

Douglass C. North Memorial Issue
JOIE 13(1), March 2017

Ronald H. Coase Memorial Issue
JOIE 11(2), June 2015

The Future of Institutional and Evolutionary
JOIE 10(4), December 2014

Elinor Ostrom Memorial Issue
JOIE 9(4), December 2013

Evolution of Institutions
JOIE 7(3), September 2011

Business Routines
JOIE 7(2), June 2011

JOIE has also featured invited commentaries on the following lead articles:

David Skarbek, "Qualitative research methods for institutional analysis"
JOIE 16(4), August 2020

Dierdre N. McCloskey, "Max U versus Humanomics: A Critique of Neo-Institutionalism"
JOIE 12(1), March 2016

Geoffrey M. Hodgson, "Much of the 'Economics of Property RIghts' Devalues Property and Legal Rights"

JOIE 11(4), December 2015

Frank Hindriks and Francesco Guala, "Institutions, Rules and Equilibria: A Unified Theory"
JOIE 11(3), September 2015

Roger Koppl, Stuart Kauffman, Teppo Felin and Giuseppe Longo, "Economics for a Creative World"

JOIE 11(1), March 2015

Stefan Voigt, "How (Not) To Measure Institutions"
JOIE 9(1), March 2013

Ha-Joon Chang, "Institutions and Economic Development: Theory, Policy and History"
JOIE 7(4), December 2011

Richard A. Posner, "From the New Institutional Economics to Organisation Economics: With Applications to Corporate Governance, Government Agencies and Legal Institutions"
JOIE 6(1), March 2010

The editors have put together special collections of articles on the following themes:

Institutional Theory

Institutions and Economic Development