Publication in JOIE can bring substantial visibility in the exciting and growing area of institutional research. WINIR members are invited to submit their research to the journal.

JOIE has established a very fast but thorough peer-review process, and has served authors by providing a rapid decision in almost all cases
. On average so far (as of 10 July 2018): 36% of submissions have been rejected without being sent out to referees; 33% of submissions were rejected by the editors (in an original or revised form) after being sent out to referees; only 23% of submissions received so far have been accepted by the editors in an original or revised form. Of the refereed papers (first submissions only), the editors' decision was communicated to authors within 50 days in 59% of all cases, and within 90 days in 94% of all cases. With submissions that were rejected by the editors without being sent to referees, most authors were informed within 10 days.

JOIE accepts electronic submissions only. Papers should be submitted via the online manuscript submission site. Please read the notes for contributors before uploading a submission.