58th SIE Conference

University of Calabria, Cosenza, Italy

  19-21 October 2017

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WINIR has sponsored a special session on “Institutional Economics” at the 58th Annual Conference of the Società Italiana degli Economisti (Italian Economic Association) to be held at University of Calabria (Cosenza) on 19-21 October 2017.


Although in the early twentieth century the original institutionalists explored how institutions and rules shape human interactions, affect the economic transactions and move resources through society, since the formulation of the so-called Coase theorem in the 1960s, rules (especially property rights) and institutions (especially the market) have become dominant themes of theoretical and empirical analysis. Today, what “scholars of institutions” think about such themes will eventually affect policy-makers’ decisions.

In this panel, we would like to encourage the discussion of “institutions matter” theories. The special session is calling for papers concerned with how institutions function, how they evolve, how they should be evaluated, and potentially transformed. Papers from an interdisciplinary background discussing the following issues are particularly welcome:  

  • The importance of comparative institutional analysis for formulating policy
  • The links between law and economics, both in the theory and in the real world
  • Different methodologies in the analysis of institutional change
  • New methodologies to investigate legal-economic complexities
  • Unexplored field of research concerning the impact of institutions on society.

Proposal submission

Abstract proposals, not exceeding 400 words and including keywords, JEL codes and full affiliations, must be sent to Massimiliano Vatiero (vatierom@usi.ch) by 15 June 2017. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by 10 August 2017.

Session coordinators: Angela Ambrosino (angela.ambrosino@unito.it) and Massimiliano Vatiero (vatierom@usi.ch).

For further details on WINIR session see http://www.siecon.org/online/en/convegni/2017-58-rsa/programma/