84 delegates from 20 countries attended this event.

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Wednesday 22 April

14:00-19:00          Registration
16:45-17:00          Welcome
17:00-18:15          Keynote lecture: Simon Deakin
18:30-19:30          Reception in Parco Ciani

Thursday 23 April

08:45-13:00         Registration
09:15-11:15          Parallel sessions 1
11:15-11:45          Coffee/tea break
11:45-13:00          Keynote lecture: Philip Pettit
13:00-14:15          Lunch
14:15-16:15          Parallel sessions 2
16:15-16:45          Coffee/tea break
16:45-18:00          Keynote lecture: Colin Mayer
20:00-22:00          Symposium dinner at Grand Café Al Porto

Friday 24 April

09:15-11:15          Parallel sessions 3
11:15-11:45          Coffee/tea break
11:45-13:00          WINIR membership meeting
13:00-14:15          Lunch
14:15-15:30          Keynote lecture: Ugo Pagano
15:30-15:45          Closing remarks


Wednesday 22 April

17:00–18:15    Keynote lecture 1

                                  Simon Deakin, "The evolution of the corporation: economics and law"

                                  Chair: François Degeorge

Thursday 23 April

09:15–11:15    Parallel sessions 1

                                  5 groups with 4 x 20 minute presentations each

P1.1 – Theory of the Firm

             Chair: Ugo Pagano

Per Bylund & Robert Wuebker, "Where do factor markets come from? Toward a resource-based theory of the entrepreneurial firm"

Per Bylund & Robert Wuebker, "Why strategic management theory is not entrepreneurship theory"

Aidan Walsh, "Towards a rule-based theory of the firm: hierarchy as a by-product"

David Gindis & Geoffrey M. Hodgson, "Missing persons in the theory of the firm: why legal personality matters"

P1.2 – Drivers of Change in Corporate Governance

             Chair: Andrew Tylecote

Tristan Auvray, Antoine Rebérioux & Sandra Rigot, "Institutional ownership and firm short termism: new insights on European companies"

Gerhard Fuchs, "Agency in times of turbulence: the German energy providers and the transformation of the system of electricity generation"

Gerhard Schnyder, "The rise of shareholder-orientated corporate governance in Europe: longitudinal firm-level evidence from four European countries"

Felix Hadwiger, "Why do multinational companies sign international framework agreements?"

P1.3 – Corporate Social Responsibility

             Chair: Samuel Mansell

Marie-Laure Djelic, "The corporation and corporate responsibility in historical perspective: the striking fate of an institution that changed the world"

Jean-Pierre Chanteau, "The 'nature' of the firm put to the test of corporate social responsibility: understanding institutions' symbolic effectiveness"

John Ferguson, "From accountability to justice: the radical reforms of George Goyder"

Christian Schubert, "CSR and esteem-based regulation"

P1.4 – Reforming Governance Standards

             Chair: J. Robert Branston

Donald Nordberg, "Comply or explain: exemplifying 'reasonably' good good corporate governance"

Georgina Tsagas, "Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006: the ‘fictional shareholder’ of the enlightened shareholder value approach"

Basak Basoglu & Kadir Berk Kapancı, "Corporate governance reform in Turkey"

David Donald, "Layers of loyalty: mapping the overlapping roles of legal, family and party relationships in the governance of Hong Kong companies"

P1.5 – Banking, Finance & Hybrids

             Chair: Marcello Puca

W. Travis Selmier, "The decline of partnerships and rise of club good structures in investment banking"

Olivier Butzbach & Kurt von Mettenheim, "Banks as institutions, not firms"

Richard R. Weiner, "Corporate governance: negotiated network-connected contracts as the critical complementary institution within a post-regulatory corporatism"

Evgeny Popov, Victoria Simonova & Ljudmila Popova, "Transactions of hybrid organizations in Russian corporations"

11:45–13:00    Keynote lecture 2

                                  Philip Pettit, "The corporate person"

                                  Chair: David Gindis

14:15–16:15    Parallel sessions 2

                                  5 groups with 4 x 20 minute presentations each

P2.1 – Corporate Personality Controversy

             Chair: Geoff Hodgson

David Gindis, "From status to contract? Revisiting the corporate personality controversy"

Paddy Ireland, "Re-personifying corporate power"

Ian Maitland, "The corporation as scapegoat: the perils of corporate personhood"

Martin Petrin, "Reconceptualizing the theory of the firm: from nature to function"

P2.2 – Governance & Innovation

             Chair: John Ferguson

Filippo Belloc, Eleonora Laurenza & M. Alessandra Rossi, "Corporate governance and sectoral patterns of innovation: evidence from Italian manufacturing industries"

Andrew Tylecote, "Corporate governance, agency and innovation"

Massimiliano Vatiero & Marcello Puca, "Motivating innovation through corporate governance"

Richard Langlois, "The corporation and the twentieth century"

P2.3 – Ownership & Control

             Chair: Olivier Butzbach

Anthony Casey & M. Todd Henderson, "The new nexus of contracts: the market production of corporate governance"

Thorsten Lehnert & Gudrun Rolle, "Corporate governance and idiosyncratic skewness"

Benjamin Furlan, Harald Oberhofer & Hannes Winner, "A note on merger and acquisition evaluation"

Suren Gomtsyan, "Contractual mechanisms of investor protection in non-listed limited liability companies"

P2.4 – Alternatives to Standard Economic Models

             Chair: Robert Wuebker

Michael Joffe, "How the basic structure and the behaviour of the corporation shape the economy"

Angelo Fusari, "The question of the firm: organizational forms and dimensions"

Maha Atal, "Company rule: corporations as political authorities"

Lorenzo Sacconi, "Don’t believe that corporate governance must necessarily rest on inequality"

P2.5 – Institutionalising Sustainability

             Chair: Jean-Pierre Chanteau

Cristina Poncibo & Elena Gilardi, "Sustainable contracts: taking multinational corporate codes of conduct to the next level"

Ellen Stenslie, "How institutional innovation is making the private sector more sustainable"

Annie Lamontagne & Moisés Villamil Balestro, "Diversity and competing logics in the institutionalization of CSR in mining multinationals: evidence from a subsidiary of a Brazilian mining multinational in Canada"

Constantin Holzer, "Chinese entrepreneurs as actors of ecological conservation in the Inner Mongolian desert: using the methodology of Austrian economics to analyse Alashan SEE Ecological Association"

16:45–18:00    Keynote lecture 3

                                  Colin Mayer, "Re-inventing the corporation"

                                  Chair: Eric Nowak

Friday 24 April

09:15–11:15    Parallel sessions 3

                                  5 groups with 4 x 20 minute presentations each

P3.1 – Political Philosophy of Corporations

             Chair: David Gindis

Abraham Singer, "The nature of economic freedom and economic hierarchy: theoretical assumptions underlying American corporate law and corporate governance"

Samuel Mansell, "Shareholder primacy and the authority of the corporate person: a Hobbesian analysis" 

Garrath Williams, "Corporate agency from the perspective of political philosophy"

Jeroen Veldman & Hugh Willmott, "Reification of the corporate form"

P3.2 – Political Determinants of Corporate Governance

             Chair: Marie-Laure Djelic

J. Robert Branston & James R. Wilson, "Transmitting democracy: governance and ‘public interest’ broadcasting"

Renira Angeles, "Does left partisanship and high coordination moderate top executive compensation?"

Martin Gelter, "The pension system and convergence in corporate governance"

Mariusz Golecki & Maciej Mataczyński, "'National champions' between corporate and political governance"

P3.3 – Board Composition & Behaviour

             Chair: Gerhard Fuchs

David Gibbs, "Multiple appointments and perquisite consumption: empirical evidence"

Monika Ziolkowska, "Obligatory quotas for women on boards of directors: improvement or harm to the companies’ performance?"

Stelios Andreadakis, "Whistleblowers in modern corporate governance: changing the mindset and the culture in the boardroom"

Marcello Puca, Krista J. Saral & Simone M. Sepe, "Voting and communication: an experiment"

P3.4 – Beyond Shareholder Value

             Chair: Geoff Hodgson

Sergio Canavati, "The nexus-of-contracts definition of the firm and its diffusion across four academic disciplines"

William Dixon & David Wilson, "The self in relation to the management and governance of corporations"

Blanche Segrestin, Armand Hatchuel & Kevin Levillain, "A purpose-driven theory of the corporation?"

Luis Montilla & Mariana Castro, "Managers’ liability and benefit corporations: the cases of Brazil and Venezuela"

P3.5 – Toward a New Science of Governance

             Chair: Mike Joffe

Dmitri Pletnev, "A new methodological approach to study of institutional structure of corporations"

Peter Dorman & Heike Nolte, "Heterogeneity in firms: shareholders, stakeholders, varieties of capitalism and the role of worker autonomy and integration"

Shann Turnbull, "A sustainable future for corporate governance theory and practice"

Ronald Stamper, "New instruments for investigating the functioning and governance of corporations based upon the formalisation of social/legal norms"

14:15–15:45    Keynote lecture 4

                                  Ugo Pagano, "The corporation in the age of intellectual monopoly capitalism"

                                  Chair: Massimiliano Vatiero