88 delegates from 26 countries attended this event.

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Monday 4 April

12:00-19:00          Registration
14:00-14:15          Welcome
14:15-15:30          Keynote lecture: Gunnar Heinsohn
15:30-16:00          Coffee/tea break
16:00-18:15          Parallel sessions 1
18:30-19:30          Reception

Tuesday 5 April

08:45-10:00          Registration
09:00-10:45          Parallel sessions 2
10:45-11:15          Coffee/tea break
11:15-13:00          Parallel sessions 3
13:00-14:15          Lunch
14:15-16:30          Parallel sessions 4
16:30-17:00          Coffee/tea break
17:00-18:15          Keynote lecture: Larissa Katz
19:15-21:00          Dinner

Wednesday 6 April

09:00-11:15          Parallel sessions 5
11:15-11:45          Coffee/tea break
11:45-13:00          Keynote lecture: Benito Arruñada
13:00-13:15          Close

Monday 4 April

14:15–15:30    Keynote lecture 1

                                  Gunnar Heinsohn, “From barter paradigm to property paradigm

                                  Chair: Geoff Hodgson

                                  Room: 2D1

16:00–18:15    Parallel sessions 1

                                  4 sessions with 4 x 22-minute presentations

P1.1 – Understanding property

             Chair: Kirsten Foss

             Room: 2D2

Enrico Bertacchini & Ilaria Bertazzi, “Emergence and evolution of property rights: an agent-based model perspective

Daniel Cole, “Two persistent problems in social science applications of legal rules

David Donald, “Making and unmaking property rights: a window into the genesis of law

Freya Irani & Katharina Pistor, “Minting property”

P1.2 – Property rights and corporate governance

             Chair: David Gindis

             Room: 3F9

Tristan Auvray & Olivier Brossard, “French connection: interlocking directorates and ownership network in an insider governance system

David Gibbs & Derek Whayman, “Property rights and equitable principles: understanding fiduciary loyalty in an organisational context

Razeen Sappideen, “Property rights, share rights stripping and corporate governance

Prabirjit Sarkar, Simon Deakin & Mathias Siems, “Does shareholder protection promote stock market development”

P1.3 – Property rights in Africa and Brazil

             Chair: Lorena Castilla Medina

             Room: 4F1

Antonio Buainain & Patricia José de Almeida, “Land lease and sharecropping in Brazil: institutional determinants and modus operandi

Martin Delaroche, “Property rights and multi-level natural resources governance in the Xingu River Basin

Ephraim Munshifwa, “Property rights and the development of extra-legal low-income settlements: evidence from an informal settlement in Zambia

Laura Weidmann, “The role of traditional authorities in the debate on communal land titling and governance

P1.4 – Money, finance and property

             Chair: Geoff Hodgson

             Room: 4F2

Frank Decker, “Property ownership, property-based money and the growth dynamics of capitalism

Robert Herian, “A brave new world: property rights and the blockchain

Nicolas Hofer & Wolfgang Theil, “Why assets are not things, why buying is not paying and why a new macroeconomic paradigm needs to integrate both

Wolfgang Theil, “Systematic legal foundations for monetary economics: an essential step towards a new paradigm for political economy

Tuesday 5 April

09:00–10:45    Parallel sessions 2

                                   4 sessions with 3 x 22-minute presentations

P2.1 – Legal entities and ownership

             Chair: Geoff Hodgson

             Room: 2D2

Olivier Butzbach & Taliata Desiato, “Can banks be owned?

Paddy Ireland, “Corporate schizophrenia: the peculiar nature of the joint stock company share

Jeroen Veldman & Hugh Willmott, “The ownership and membership of a legal entity”

P2.2 – Economics and politics of property in the urban context

             Chair: Michel Knoppel

             Room: 3F9

Zeynep Arslan, “Changing legal status of property and ownership in Turkey

Ronit Levine Schnur, “The effect of formalized land rights on eminent domain exercises: the case of Jerusalem”

Lorena Castilla Medina, “Housing, land and property rights in the aftermath of conflict: a contribution to economic recovery and peacebuilding

P2.3 – Copyright and open access

             Chair: Emanuele Lobina

             Room: 4F1

Thomas Eger & Marc Scheufen, “Copyright law and open access in academia: international survey results

Noemi Pulido Pavon & Luis Palma Martos, “Determinants of the existence of unauthorized copies: a dynamic analysis with panel data

Ruth Towse, “Economics of collective management organisations in the creative industries

P2.4 – Rights allocations and legal change

             Chair: Fernando Mendez Gonzalez

             Room: 4F2

Mireia Artigot Golobardes, “Learning from Coase: a proposal to regulate residential property uses in Barcelona

Basak Basoglu & Kadir Berk Kapanc─▒, “Property transfers as security”

Jens Lowitzsch, “Legal rationale for a ban on externalisation under German and European property

11:15–13:00    Parallel sessions 3                            

                                  4 sessions with 3 x 22-minute presentations

P3.1 – Institutional structure of production

             Chair: Massimiliano Vatiero

             Room: 2D2

Kirsten Foss & Nicolai Foss, “An analysis of entry barriers from a property rights perspective

Cassandra Torgnes, “Non-competition clauses and protection of investments in human capital: a cost-benefit analysis

Miguel Vazquez & Michelle Hallack, “Coevolution of property rights and technology practice: the case of emergent industries”

P3.2 – The nature of property

             Chair: Paddy Ireland

             Room: 3F9

Tilman Hartley, “Why do property institutions change when energy systems change?”

Benjamin Porat, “Ownership and exclusivity: two visions, two traditions

Grahame Thompson, “Property rights – or claims, capacities and capabilities?

P3.3 – International perspectives

             Chair: Ester Dal-Poz

             Room: 3F9        

Suren Gomtsyan & David Gomtsyan, “What do the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights tell about property rights across Europe?

Michel Knoppel & Henk Jager, “Are property rights driving house prices in advanced countries?

David Monciardini, “Translating human rights from law into the fields of accounting and finance

P3.4 – Intellectual property

             Chair: Armelle Mazé

             Room: 4F2

Anuj Chauhan & Shubhi Agarwal, “The protection of traditional knowledge: the way forward

Kim Marlene Le & Julien Penin, “Appropriation in weak intellectual property regimes: the case of the online adult entertainment industry

Maria Tereza Mello & Patricia Porto, “The legal means of appropriability and intellectual ‘property’ rights”

14:15–16:30    Parallel sessions 4                            

                                  4 sessions with 4 x 22-minute presentations

P4.1 – Challenges for property theory

             Chair: Daniel Cole  

             Room: 2D2

Emanuele Lobina, “Explanatory limitations of property rights theory: inside linear causality

Vladimir Maltsev, “Austrian property rights and the free market: the problem of ecology

Peter Mihalyi & Ivan Szelenyi, “Two types of returns on property: profits and rents

Stefano Solari, “New property and the dematerialization of goods: a Hegelian-relational view of property rights for economic analysis

P4.2 – Diversity of rights allocations

             Chair: Ruth Towse  

             Room: 3F9

Samira Guennif, “Property rights, compulsory licensing and public health in developing countries: from one institutional controversy to another

Michelle Hallack Miguel Vazquez, “Property rights and decentralization in network industries: institutional diversity for open access”

Armelle Mazé, “Geographical indications as global knowledge commons: intellectual property rights and discursive strategies in polycentric governance

Zoltan Zakota, “Safeguarding property rights while fighting against money laundering”

P4.3 – Property rights in transition and emerging economies

             Chair: Min Lin

             Room: 4F1

Christopher Hartwell, “North to Ukraine: Warsaw, Kyiv and the divergence of property rights

Justyna Schulz, “The financial dimension of property rights: evidence from EU-emerging countries

W. Travis Selmier, “From folk-lending to P2P: monitoring maturation in Chinese financial contracting

Nadia Vanteeva, “Doing business under a weak property rights system: evidence from Russia”

P4.4 – Patents

             Chair: Maria Tereza Mello  

             Room: 4F2

Vinicius Ferrari, Maria Ester Dal-Poz & José Maria Jardim Ferreira da Silveira, “The importance of intellectual property rights to the plant biotechnology industry

Anita Pelle & Benedek Nagy, “Intellectual property rights, competition and competitiveness in the EU internal market: what is to come with the unitary patent system?

Jiri Schwarz & Martin Stepanek, “Patents: a means to innovation or strategic ends?

Eskil Ullberg, “Trade in ideas: performance and behavioural properties of markets in patents with two-part tariff

17:00–18:15    Keynote lecture 2

                                  Larissa Katz, “Philosophy of property law, three ways

                                  Chair: Paddy Ireland

                                  Room: 2D1

Wednesday 6 April

09:00–11:15    Parallel sessions 5

                                  4 sessions with 4 x 22-minute presentations

P5.1 – Historical perspectives on property rights

             Chair: Donald David

             Room: 2D2

Ann Davis, “Is there a history of property? Periodization of property regimes and paradigms

Emmanouil M. L. Economou & Nicholas C. Kyriazis, “The emergence and the evolution of property rights in ancient Greece

Geoffrey M. Hodgson, “1688 and all that: property rights, the Glorious Revolution and the rise of British capitalism

John Howells & Ron D. Katznelson, “The coordination of independently-owned vacuum tube patents in the early radio alleged patent ‘thicket’

P5.2 – Property rights and the theory of the firm

             Chair: Grahame Thompson

             Room: 3F9

Eduard Braun, “The enterprise is the actual place for the entrepreneurial function in economic theory

David Gindis & Francesca Gagliardi, “Toward a team production theory of cooperatives

Richard Langlois, “Rights not (just) contracts: an alternative bottom-up account of the corporation

Massimiliano Vatiero, “On the role of investments and the nature of residual control rights

P5.3 – Property rights regimes

             Chair: Miguel Vazquez  

             Room: 4F1

Kirk Johnson, “Opportunity set model application to a changing definition of property and income in the US labor market

Jean-Philippe Robé, “Property and the world power system

Itai Sened, “The turn of the millennium is the turn of the structure of the global economy

Eva Weiler, “Implications and justifications of common property regimes

P5.4 – Enforcement and regulation of property rights

             Chair: Mireia Artigo Golobardes 

             Room: 4F2

Jan Auerbach, “Property rights enforcement with unverifiable incomes

Mongoljin Batsaikhan, “Cooperation norm among entrepreneurs: evidence from lab and sales data”

Randolph Bruno, “The political economy of rule of law enforcement: interdependence between political and economic choices under imperfect information

Min Lin, “The enforceability of anti-assignment clauses in the case of IP collateralization


11:45–13:00    Keynote lecture 3

                                  Benito Arruñada, “The externality of exchange

                                  Chair: Francesca Gagliardi 

                                  Room: 2D1