New membership benefits

The benefits of WINIR membership now include discounts on selected books of interest to institutional researchers.

Second WINIR Conference: call for papers

Abstract submissions for the Second WINIR Conference on "Institutions, Development and Globalization" (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 10-13 September 2015), are now welcome. Submit an abstract here.

WINIR Symposium: registration now open

Registration for the WINIR Symposium on "The Nature and Governance of the Corporation" (USI, Lugano, Switzerland, 22-24 April 2015) is now open.

Make the most of early-bird fees by registering before 30 November 2014.

First WINIR Conference: 187 delegates from 37 countries

187 delegates from 37 countries registered for the Inaugural WINIR Conference on "Institutions that Change the World". A clear indication of the worldwide interest in interdisciplinary institutional research.

Journal of Institutional Economics

The Journal of Institutional Economics (JOIE), a journal devoted to the study of the nature, role and evolution of institutions in the economy, celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2014. To mark the event WINIR membership now includes an online subscription to JOIE.

Join WINIR and get full access to the entire full text archive in just a few clicks!

Third WINIR Conference poll

Third WINIR Conference planned in Boston or New York areas, USA, in the fall of 2016. We are grateful to all those who took the time to complete the online poll.

The chosen dates will be announced soon.