WINIR Workshops are small, focused events put together by a local organiser on themes related to WINIR’s aims and research priorities. Workshops are funded partially or wholly by a WINIR grant (up to £2000) when they are not organised by WINIR. Awards are made on a rolling basis and are subject to available funds. Please contact us for more information.

Regulation & the Common Good

WINIR WORKSHOP ON REGULATION & THE COMMON GOOD (SHEFFIELD, UK, OCTOBER 2023) — For better or for worse, in a range of policy areas, justifications for regulation are framed in the language of market failure or its counterpart government failure.…

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Polycentricity, Markets & Firms

WINIR WORKSHOP ON POLYCENTRICITY, MARKETS & FIRMS (ONLINE, DECEMBER 2021) — Markets have been associated with polycentricity since Michael Polanyi formulated the concept, and this connection was at the heart of the Bloomington School’s analysis of competition in public service…

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Repugnant Behaviours

WINIR WORKSHOP ON REPUGNANT BEHAVIOURS (ONLINE, FEBRUARY 2021) — Formally introduced in economics by Nobel laureate Alvin Roth, the concept of repugnance arises in the debate among philosophers (e.g., Elizabeth Anderson, Michael Sandel, Debra Satz) and other social scientists (e.g.,…

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