Our partners

To help promote the sorts of creative conversations across disciplinary boundaries that lead to scientific progress in the exciting and rapidly-expanding area of institutional research, WINIR has developed partnerships with leading or emerging global organizations devoted to the production and dissemination of social-scientific knowledge. Please contact us if your organization may be interested.

Cambridge University Press is the oldest publishing house in the world, and the second largest university press today. It is a department of the University of Cambridge (UK). In addition to publishing numerous pioneers of institutional research, including many of WINIR’s Honorary Presidents, Cambridge University Press publishes the Journal of Institutional Economics sponsored by WINIR, and has since the beginning generously supported WINIR events around the world.

Institutions for Open Societies (IOS) is an interdisciplinary research programme of Utrecht University (Netherlands) that leverages expertise from various fields, including economics, history, public administration, law, sociology, social psychology, communication, ethics, innovation studies, and geography, with the aim of developing open and resilient societies around the globe. IOS promotes collaborations and constructive dialogue between academics and social partners to help formulate solutions for the challenges of our time. IOS was a major contributor to WINIR 2017.

The National Institute of Science and Technology in Public Policies, Strategies and Development (INCT/PPED), located at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), is committed to the conceptual and instrumental renewal of public action in relation to development. It aims to provide a locus for discussion and interdisciplinary studies of key themes associated with the varieties of capitalism, technological dynamics, biodiversity, and cultural resource governance. The INCT/PPED was a major contributor to WINIR 2015.

The Law as Science Project is an initiative by doctoral candidates in US law schools (Berkeley, Chicago, Cornell, Illinois, Indiana, and Virginia) seeking to improve legal studies by making greater and better use of scientific methodologies. To equip junior legal scholars with the appropriate toolkit, the Law as Science Project invites scholars from diverse methodological backgrounds to conduct lectures, workshop research ideas, and form roundtable discussions. The Law as Science Project is involved in the organization of WINIR Young Scholar Workshops.

The Institute for New Economic Thinking‘s Young Scholar Initiative (YSI) is a a community of over 20,000 students, young professionals, and researchers from across the globe pursuing new and critical ways of thinking about the economy. The YSI Finance, Law, and Economics Working Group brings economists, lawyers, and practitioners together with a view to understanding issues of financial stability, financial market reform, and the future of national and global banking and payments systems. The group is involved in the organization of WINIR Young Scholars workshops.

INOMICS is a leading international platform for educational and career opportunities for economics students, academics, researchers, and industry professionals in search of courses, jobs, conferences, and other research-related news in the field of economics. INOMICS connects researchers with universities, research institutes, and scholarly associations around the world. Its annual INOMICS Handbook provides study and career advice for economists of all ages, and international salary prospects for economists are also available in the INOMICS Salary Report.