Honorary Presidents

At the moment of WINIR’s official launch in October 2013, the following leading pioneers of institutional research from multiple disciplines had endorsed the initiative by agreeing to serve as Honorary Presidents.   

* Nobel Laureate  † Since deceased

Daron Acemoglu
MIT (USA), economics
Howard E. Aldrich
UNC (USA), sociology
Masahiko Aoki
Stanford (USA), economics
Julia Black
LSE (UK), law
Peter J. Boettke
GMU (USA), economics
Paul J. DiMaggio
NUY (USA), sociology
Peter B. Evans
Berkeley (USA), sociology
Neil Fligstein
Berkeley (USA), sociology
Margaret P. Gilbert
UC Irvine (USA), philosophy
Avner Greif
Stanford (USA), economics
Peter A. Hall
Harvard (USA), political science
Henry B. Hansmann
Yale (USA), law
János Kornai
Corvinus (Hungary), economics
Timur Kuran
Duke (USA), economics
Richard N. Langlois
Connecticut (USA), economics
Richard Lipsey
SFU (Canada), economics
Claude Ménard
Sorbonne (France), economics
Richard R. Nelson
Columbia (USA), economics
Douglass C. North *†
WUSTL (USA), economics
John V. C. Nye
GMU (USA), political science
Johan P. Olsen
Oslo (Norway), political science
Walter W. Powell
Stanford (USA), sociology
James Robinson
Chicago (USA), political science
Dani Rodrik
Harvard (USA), economics
Malcolm Rutherford
Victoria (Canada), economics
W. Richard Scott
Stanford (USA), sociology
John R. Searle
Berkeley (USA), philosophy
Mary M. Shirley
Coase Institute (USA), economics
David Soskice
LSE (UK), political science
Wolfgang Streeck
MPIfG (Germany), sociology
Robert Sugden
UEA (UK), economics
Kathleen Thelen
MIT (USA), political science
Viktor Vanberg
Freiburg (Germany), economics

Ronald H. Coase*† had also agreed to be an Honorary President of WINIR before he passed away in September 2013.