WINIR Panels feature two or three leading scholars on a topic of particular interest to institutional researchers from multiple disciplines, in line with WINIR’s aims and research priorities. Panels take place online, are moderated and last 90 minutes, including Q&A. Please contact us if you have panel proposals.

Great Enrichment

WINIR PANEL ON THE GREAT ENRICHMENT (ONLINE, DECEMBER 2020) — What was more important for the Great Enrichment? Institutions or ideas? How much did the institutions associated with the financial and commercial revolutions matter? And how much did the grand…

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Law & Political Economy

WINIR PANEL ON LAW & POLITICAL ECONOMY (ONLINE, JANUARY 2022) — Law & Political Economy (LPE) is hailed as a new analytical project that situates the study of law within a broad political economy tradition, overcoming the perceived shortcomings of…

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Measuring Institutions

WINIR PANEL ON MEASURING INSTITUTIONS (ONLINE, MAY 2022) — The statement “institutions matter” has become almost a mantra in today’s academic and policy debate. In recent years, many studies have attempted to substantiate this claim empirically. But despite a substantial…

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