Sponsored sessions

WINIR sponsors sessions at host conferences in line with WINIR’s aims and research priorities. Sponsored sessions benefit from extensive WINIR publicity but are organised and funded locally. Please contact us with proposals.


WINIR is pleased to sponsor a session on what institutional theory can teach us about the connections between inequalities and Liberties at the 21st Annual Conference of the Italian Association for the History of Political Economy (Associazione Italiana per la…

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In 2018 WINIR sponsored two sessions on how to think about transaction costs in the digital age at the 15th Annual Conference of the Associazione Italiana per la Storia dell’Economia Politica (Italian Association for the History of Political Economy) held…

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In 2017 WINIR was a contributing partner and with the Witten Institute for Institutional Change (WIWa) led a session on how institutionalism can influence tomorrow’s economics at the Festival for New Economic Thinking preceding the INET Conference in Edinburgh.

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In 2017 WINIR sponsored a session on institutional economics – focusing on how institutions function, evolve, evaluated, and transformed – at the 58th Annual Conference of the Società Italiana degli Economisti (Italian Economic Association) held at University of Calabria in…

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