Our next events

The following WINIR events are coming up in the next few months. Watch this space of updates.

Technology & Institutional Change

WINIR YOUNG SCHOLARS PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP ON TECHNOLOGY & INSTITUTIONAL CHANGE (CATANIA, ITALY, SEPTEMBER 2023) — Technological development has become a driving force in shaping and transforming societies, revolutionizing their structures, processes, and governance mechanisms. The complex dynamics between technology and…

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Regulation & the Common Good

WINIR WORKSHOP ON REGULATION & THE COMMON GOOD (SHEFFIELD, UK, OCTOBER 2023) — For better or for worse, in a range of policy areas, justifications for regulation are framed in the language of market failure or its counterpart government failure.…

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WINIR 2023

WINIR CONFERENCE ON INSTITUTIONAL INNOVATION & EVOLUTION (CATANIA, ITALY, SEPTEMBER 2023) — Understanding when institutions change, how institutional innovations are propagated and how institutional evolution occurs, are key theoretical and empirical questions that have long shaped institutional research in…

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