Great Enrichment

WINIR PANEL ON THE GREAT ENRICHMENT (ONLINE, DECEMBER 2020) — What was more important for the Great Enrichment? Institutions or ideas? How much did the institutions associated with the financial and commercial revolutions matter? And how much did the grand ideas associated with liberalism matter? These are some of the most important, and indeed some of the most difficult, questions that institutionalists and historians must contend with.

Law & Political Economy

WINIR PANEL ON LAW & POLITICAL ECONOMY (ONLINE, JANUARY 2022) — Law & Political Economy (LPE) is hailed as a new analytical project that situates the study of law within a broad political economy tradition, overcoming the perceived shortcomings of the economic analysis of law, in particular its tendency to abstract from power relations and focus on efficiency rather than social justice. The LPE movement began in leading US law schools but has since spread to law schools in Europe, South America and elsewhere.

Measuring Institutions

WINIR PANEL ON MEASURING INSTITUTIONS (ONLINE, MAY 2022) — The statement “institutions matter” has become almost a mantra in today’s academic and policy debate. In recent years, many studies have attempted to substantiate this claim empirically. But despite a substantial scholarly literature in economics, law, political science and sociology devoted to this topic, the question of how we can or should measure different kinds of institutions across space and time remains elusive.