Symposium 2016

WINIR SYMPOSIUM ON PROPERTY RIGHTS (BRISTOL, UK, APRIL 2016) — Property rights are a central institutional feature of all politico-economic systems where markets play a major role, and a key item of political controversy between liberal and socialist positions. The role of property rights in matters ranging from interpersonal exchange, power and innovation to corporate governance, privatisation and economic development is debated across several academic disciplines, including economics, history, law, philosophy, politics and sociology.

Symposium 2015

WINIR SYMPOSIUM ON THE CORPORATION (LUGANO, SWITZERLAND, APRIL 2015) — Questions of corporate governance and corporate responsibility have been heightened by a number of corporate scandals and other events leading up to the financial crash of 2008. In the meantime, philosophers and lawyers have been questioning the very meaning of corporate agency and responsibility, while progress by economists in the theory of the firm is widely perceived to have slowed.

WINIR 2022

WINIR CONFERENCE ON POLYCENTRIC GOVERNANCE (ONLINE, SEPTEMBER 2022) — The governance of almost all complex social or natural resource systems is polycentric: it involves distributed, nested and partially overlapping patterns of competitive and cooperative relationships among relatively autonomous private and public actors, operating at different levels, within a set of overarching rules.