WINIR 2023 – Venue

The Eighth WINIR Conference will be held in Catania, the second largest city of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily, off the coast of Southern Italy. Among other things, Catania, which lies at the foot of the volcano Etna facing the Ioanian Sea, is known for its baroque architecture, for which it is part of the Val di Noto UNESCO World Heritage Site. Click here for general information.

WINIR 2022

WINIR CONFERENCE ON POLYCENTRIC GOVERNANCE (ONLINE, SEPTEMBER 2022) — The governance of almost all complex social or natural resource systems is polycentric: it involves distributed, nested and partially overlapping patterns of competitive and cooperative relationships among relatively autonomous private and public actors, operating at different levels, within a set of overarching rules.

WINIR 2019 – Venue

The Sixth WINIR Conference was held in Northern Europe, in one of the oldest cities in Sweden, Lund. Located in the country’s southernmost province, Skåne (Scania), Lund’s neighbour is Malmö, one of Scandinavia’s largest cities, which is connected to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, by the Öresund Bridge, made famous by the Scandinavian noir crime series, The Bridge.

WINIR 2019

WINIR CONFERENCE ON INCLUSIVE SOCIETIES (LUND, SWEDEN, SEPTEMBER 2019) — While a majority of the world population has experienced improved living standards, there seems to be rising popular discontent with globalization as economic inequalities both between and within nations are rising throughout most of the world. As many now question whether globalization is compatible with inclusive societies, we must ask what lessons may be drawn from previous waves of globalization.