WINIR 2016

WINIR CONFERENCE ON HUMAN BEHAVIOUR (BOSTON, USA, SEPTEMBER 2016) — Scholars generally agree that institutions coordinate human behaviour and to a certain extent mould it into recognizable patterns, but there is much less consensus regarding the precise mechanisms involved. We also have yet to fully understand the ways in which alternative rule systems and behavioural patterns emerge, persist and evolve to create our complex social systems.

WINIR 2015

WINIR CONFERENCE ON DEVELOPMENT & GLOBALIZATION (RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL, SEPTEMBER 2015) — While economic development depends on investment and technology, it is now widely accepted that appropriate political, legal, economic and other social institutions have also to be in place. But there is less agreement on what those institutions (broadly defined as systems of established social rules) may be, especially at different stages of the process of economic development. There are also ongoing debates about whether globalization is leading to institutional convergence, or whether national institutional diversity can be maintained.

WINIR 2014

INAUGURAL WINIR CONFERENCE ON INSTITUTIONS THAT CHANGE THE WORLD (LONDON, UK, SEPTEMBER 2014) — Although the nature and role of institutions are matters of active research in several academic disciplines, including (but not limited to) economics, history, law, philosophy, politics and sociology, there is a need for the development of shared understandings that can help promote creative conversations across disciplinary boundaries. WINIR has been established to advance this agenda.