Publicity Officer vacancy

The WINIR Council is seeking to fill the position of Publicity Officer during the next election in early 2024. The remit of the Publicity Officer revolves primarily around ensuring the presence and visibility of WINIR on relevant social media platforms, but the the Publicity Officer is also involved in producing WINIR event-related materials, such as flyers and brochures, and may be involved in managing online environments for various WINIR events.

Council elections in 2024

All Council positions — President, Secretary, Treasurer, Publicity Officer, and four ordinary Council positions — will be up for renewal in early 2024. Council members are expected to take active role in steering the network, organizing events, seeking out new partnerships, and more. All WINIR members are eligible to stand in the election.

WINIR Young Scholars

We are pleased to announce the launch of WINIR Young Scholars (WYS), which aims to identify and promote the next generation of interdisciplinary institutional scholars from diverse geographies, sociocultural contexts, and disciplines. WYS will organize events in which young institutional scholars at the Master’s or PhD levels can thrive. WYS is the result of a collaboration with the INET Young Scholar Initiative (YSI) Finance, Law and Economics workshop group and The Law as Science Project.

Regulation & the Common Good

WINIR WORKSHOP ON REGULATION & THE COMMON GOOD (SHEFFIELD, UK, OCTOBER 2023) — For better or for worse, in a range of policy areas, justifications for regulation are framed in the language of market failure or its counterpart government failure. By contrast, the point of departure of much socio-legal scholarship is the recognition that societal issues cannot be reduced to this dichotomy.